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Crisis Averted. 5 Times You Were Glad You Had Smart Home Automation

Smart security and smart home automation are more than convenient. Here are heart stopping home automation wins.

The Smart Garage Door Is the Gatekeeper and More to Your Home

Smart garage doors do much more than enhance your home security. They enhance your life. Here is why.

Smart Home Perks: Health Benefits of Smart Lighting

Smart lighting provides surprising health advantages, studies show. Here are the top reasons to opt in.

Traditional vs Smart Video Doorbells. Its an Obvious Win.

Home automation technologies, from smart locks to smart thermostats, have revolutionized the way we do nearly everything and have now even empowered the doorbell.

Serenity Now! 4 Reasons To Own A Home Alarm System

A perfect home is not only a place where one feels the warmest; it should also be essentially a place where one feels the safest.

The 5 Benefits of a Home Fire Alarm system

If you are considering a home fire alarm system, there are several good reasons to own one. I will explain the benefits of a home fire alarm system, and how it can help you. The earlier a fire is detected, the faster it will be that firefighters will respond. This can mean you may avoid […]