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Home Security While On Spring Break

Home security matters just as much when you aren’t home as it does when you are. So if your family plans to take a trip for this year’s spring break and you haven’t yet invested in a smart home security system – or if you have made the upgrade to a smart home system, but you aren’t sure how to get the most out of it – then it’s time to consider how such a system can protect your house while you’re away.

Time To Cut The Cord: 5 Reasons To Go With Wireless Home Security

More Long Island homeowners are opting for wireless burglar systems because they outsmart the average burglar and are just as efficient as wired systems.

Is It Time To Retire These Vintage Security Ideas?

Criminals have gotten increasingly sophisticated and once tried-and-true security measures are now not just ineffective, they can be dangerous. The good news is, home security and automation offers a better alternative.

Tips for Protecting Your Home While it is Under Renovation

A home under renovation can be a gold mine to potential burglars! It is not just your personal property that burglars are interested in. Renovation sites have construction materials and tools that are very attractive too.

Wireless v. Wired Alarm Systems: Which is Better?

A wired home security system relies on your phone line, internet connection, and power grid in order to be operational. A wireless home security system can continue to function even if your phone lines are cut, your internet is down, or your power is out.

How Smart HD Cameras Are Changing The Game In Home Security

Modern digital technologies present new opportunities to protect your home and business easily and affordably. Here’s how.